About GoldenTree

Cutting Tree Branch

Hi there! You’ve accessed the site of GoldenTree tree removal service. We are one of the leading arbor maintenance businesses in the Golden, Colorado area. We know that if you are committed to having great landscaping and tree care, we are the right guys for you. We have a long time reputation of employing some of the best and most knowledgeable staff in the area.

Our Services

On this website, you will find a list of the kinds of services that we offer to our clients. If there is anything that you need for taking care of your trees, you can count on us to help you.

Stump Grinding

Oftentimes when you are making a trail or a path, you may need to cut down some trees to make way for the trail or path. However, even if you chop down the tree, you still have to deal with the stump. This can be extremely difficult because of the fact that trees have very long roots that burrow deep down into the ground. This makes extracting a stump very arduous. However, if you have your stump ground instead of trying to remove the entire tree, you can get a flat surface without all of the work of trying to get rid of all of the roots of the previously existing tree.

Branch Trimming

If you have a really great view at your house that is being blocked by some trees, then you should definitely look into getting your branches trimmed. This way, you can be kind and save trees while still maximizing the view from your house.